End-to-end Supply Chain Analytics

We transform data into analytics capabilities that meets business needs and help ensure a seamless supply chain.

End-to-end Supply Chain Analytics

We transform data into analytics capabilities that meets business needs and help ensure a seamless supply chain.
Data is essential in supporting supply chain planning, logistics operations and business needs. We unlock the power of data to discover business growth opportunities, optimise supply chain and manage risks. Besides data visualisation, we also deploy advanced analytics to support manpower planning and productivity, demand and supply simulation and forecasting.

Our Data Setup

Data Architecture

With business needs and analytics objectives in mind, we identify key data assets required and map data flows from various data sources such as existing systems, batch files or manual inputs. We design a unique blueprint to connect the most valuable data sources into a cloud environment to start off a new business project.

Data Visualisation For Self-
Service Analytics

Valuable data are presented in the most intuitive way through business intelligence dashboards to speed up decision making. We identify where data can help with the planning and operations by understanding business processes and data limitations. Using tables, charts, heat maps, plots and even animation, we design user-friendly dashboards in the best way to represent the data.


We constantly research and develop advanced analytics tools and forecasting models for FairPrice Group's needs and other partners' use cases. We are passionate about application of data science to support predictive and prescriptive needs such as sales volume forecasting, demand and supply data simulation, and geospatial analytics with triggers and alerts.

Examples of Supply Chain Analytics

Product Sales Performance &
Financial Analysis

Analyse sales pattern and monitor performance for products or services.

Manpower Planning and Operation

Optimise manpower resources and workload management with predictive solution.

Demand and Supply Forecasting &

Simulate inventory flow to ensure the right stock, resources, and capacity are available.

Our Services

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