Logistics Services

GLS has been in the logistics and supply chain industry since the 1980s. With our experience and expertise, we provide reliable solutions and uphold high levels of service. Explore our full suite of services which ranges from storage and handling of goods to value added services such as reverse logistics and port / customs clearance.

Logistics Services

With decades of experience, FairPrice Group Supply Chain is a trusted name in providing exceptional logistics services. As a leading 3PL in Singapore, we offer tailored solutions, from efficient storage to value-added services like reverse logistics and customs clearance. Find out how our services can cater to all your logistics requirements and experience the difference of our expertise firsthand.


What We Offer

As a prominent 3PL company in Singapore, we offer a wide range of comprehensive logistics services. Our expertise spans the entire supply chain, ensuring efficient handling, storage, and transportation. With a focus on exceptional customer service, we provide tailored solutions to meet your logistics needs. From warehousing and distribution to reverse logistics and customs clearance, FairPrice Group Supply Chain is your trusted partner for reliable logistics services. Streamline your supply chain with our expertise.